Work Hard. Play Harder.

When I was in my first year of university, we received a shirt promoting us as engineering students. It had two cartoons: one of people writing equations on a blackboard, one of them partying. Under the first the quote was “Work Hard.” under the second the quote was “Play Harder.”

Since then the mantra has stuck with me.

Work Hard, Play Harder.

The harder you work, the harder you get to play…

In this interview from July 2020, I talk with John Biethan of All Maven’s Branded Podcast. We discovered a mutual love of cars and motorsports. It was truly an amazing time talk with John.

The interview

Krista Crotty is a Business Crew Chief with the experience of a Business Strategist, Racecar Driver, Driving Instructor, Mompreneur, and an NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner. Wow! That’s a lot of living.

Krista lives her life considering how she wants to make an impact and follows the European work model where they work to live as opposed to living to work. You build the life that you want and then adapt your job and income to facilitate the life you want to live. She works hard to play harder.

Ready to work hard and play harder?

Let’s schedule a call and talk about how to move you forward into working hard to play harder. Interested in learning more about following your passion to allow yourself to work hard and play harder? Check out these two blog posts!

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