#75DaysofShift Video Series

The video series #75DaysofShift was inspired by a podcast from 2019. It talked about what business owners could create late in the year, and start additional revenue streams for the following year. In listening, I got the idea to start doing daily live videos about business. Each day giving a tip, covering a quick topic to help business owners on their journey to success.

Now, 25 days into the project, I covered topic such as energy & focus, perfection vs excellence, responding vs reacting and more! Please comment about your favorites and what you’ve learned during these videos.

YouTube Playlist – #75DaysofShift

YouTube Playlist – #75DaysofShift

This journey has been quite the experience. I’ve learned lots about myself, my abilities and the do’s/don’t of live videos. My favorite days have been the days where I share what my clients have taught me. Days where my daughter was my inspiration. I would love your feedback on your favorite topics and insights.

As I continue this journey to the end of 2020, please share your thoughts. I’m going live daily on Facebook and posting the video to LinkedIn. To be notified when I post the videos, please follow #VBStrategists and #75daysofshift. Be sure to subscribe to the Velocity Business Strategists YouTube Channel as well. Lots more coming in early 2020 – so subscribe now!

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