Energy flows where focus goes

This post is about focus & energy. Where your energy flows, where your focus goes. You may have heard the saying – where “energy flows, focus goes”. And this so true in so many things. In motorsports and auto racing, you’re taught to look ahead, rather than right in front of you.

In motorsports, to go faster: Focus thru the corner. Go faster by focusing on where you want to go. Avoid the obstacles. Focus on the next action. Link them together.

Focus on where you want to go

The same is true in business. You want to focus on what you want, especially in these challenging times. When you focus on what you want and what you want the outcome to be, it helps you actually achieve those outcomes. Many people struggle with this idea.

where is your energy focused?
Focusing your energy allow more creativity.

I know I do. My husband gives me a really hard time for this, that I cannot multitask. Well, there’s a good reason I can not multitask – I like to focus my energy on one specific thing. I want to focus on what I’m doing specifically, rather than spread my energies out across many tasks.

energy flows where focus goes
By focusing, you will get more accomplished – in less time.

Work on focusing on one thing at a time, and see how that works for you. So, I challenge you to focus on the meeting you have; on that call happening right now. Shut your notifications off – email, facebook, linkedin, etc. Just focus. Then the task will be done, allowing you to move on to the next one.

Focus on one thing at a time

In addition to the task taking less time, it helps me give it my best. In motorsports, when you focus on what you want, eventually you get it. And when you have a team of people behind you, well, that helps significantly too.

I encourage you to put in the comments answers to these questions:

  1. What is the one thing you’re going to focus on today
  2. One thing you’re going to focus on this week.
  3. What is your singular focus?

Share in the comments how you were able to move forward by focusing your energy. Then check out our YouTube Channel – specifically the Playlist for the #75DaysofShift

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