Schedule Your Success

How do you plan success? Is it possible to plan it?

Much of the world works on a schedule – work schedule, vacation schedule, gym class schedule, the TV has a schedule (though a DVR allows the programming to fit into your schedule).

Everyone in the world right now, and I mean everyone, is adjusting to a new schedule – existing schedules have been turned upside down from eating, to exercising, to working, to schooling.   I want to help you work on keeping yourself on a schedule.

Keeping yourself on a schedule, whether it’s an eating schedule, a business schedule, a school schedule, helps you schedule success. I’ve talked with my coach about this, I’ve talked with accountability partners about this: keeping on a schedule, helps keep things as close to normal as possible.  Normalcy is key.

Do you schedule for success too?

I personally have a morning routine, mid-day routine and an evening routine. I put everything on my calendar – and I mean everything. Most people who look at my calendar respond with, “When do you do anything?” or “How do you get all these things done?” or “Man, you are so busy.”

Since my days are scheduled, I get way more done than most people.  And I allow it to be flexible when needed (more on this in another post). In the morning, I meditate, read or listen to personal development, and then spend some time with my family.  We will have breakfast together and then I head out for my workday. I will work for three to four hours in the morning, go inside to my family for lunch, then go back to work for a couple of hours in the afternoon. 

One of the things that people ask me as a business strategist is:

“How do I start to schedule success?” 

To start, write everything down you want/need to get done – and I mean everything. Start with the big events or things – the things that are difficult to move. Then move on to the smaller projects or items you want to accomplish.  Keep chunking it down if you will, into smaller, more digestible projects and tasks. Then place all items – and I mean all items – on the calendar.  15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, all day.  The time depends on how much time one needs to get the task done.  What may take one person 30 minutes, may take another 45 or 60. 

Whether electronic, paper or both - keep a schedule!
Whether electronic, paper or both – keep a schedule!

Be as specific as you can on your calendar. By being specific, it will help you focus.  After doing this for a couple of weeks, it will help create calendaring as a habit.   Bonus – If you combine this with also writing down everything you do and when you do it, you will begin to see a flow and better understand just how long tasks take. 

Each day, I screenshot my calendar. Then I write down each activity as it actually happens.  Doing this exercise daily helps me better understand how long tasks take, and how I can be more efficient when scheduling my time.  It helps me become and continue to be efficient. Additionally, it helps me determine which tasks I avoid – and identify where I can ask for help or hire out that activity. More on that in another post…

I would love to hear your comments, your thoughts. What you do for a routine? Morning, evening, daily.  Whatever your routine, whatever your schedule, please share your thoughts and comments. And if you’re new to scheduling welcome to the other side – please share your experience!

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Let's schedule your success