When flexibility equates to control

One morning my daughter woke up very itchy and uncomfortable about 3:30 am. My day was planned to start at 5:30 am with my personal development time and other things I normally get done before my family is awake and moving about.  Instead, my morning was delayed until after 8:00 am by me being up during the wee hours of the morning with my daughter. Flexibility equated to control the situation, my day and taking care of my daughter.

Allowing myself to be flexible allowed me to adapt and adjust more quickly to the situation, giving my daughter the attention she needed at that time. Spending that time with my daughter, then going back to sleep, and getting up when my body decided I had rested enough, allowed me to be present with my daughter.  Being flexible with my morning and my tasks – allowed me to control the situation; instead of allowing my situation and calendar to control me. 

You can either be flexible, or inflexible. The choice is yours.

I have learned over the years being flexible allows you to get more done, move forward and see things slightly differently – which ultimately helps you be more productive.  I had a use for this recently – and it helped shift my perspective and my direction for the day. 

The most flexible person in the situation controls the situation.

Presupposition of Neuro-Linguistics Programming

On that morning I spent with my daughter and allowed myself to go back to sleep, I actually got quite a bit more done than I normally would have, even given the shortened amount of time.  You may have heard this before: “If you want something done, give it to a busy person – and it will get done.”  I believe this is true. I also believe a task will fill the time allowed for the task. More on Parkinson’s law in another post… 

There were a few things on my calendar that I wanted to get done. I did get some of the completed, and rescheduled others later in the week.  The items I had on my calendar were still accomplished – just at a different time than originally planned. Again, flexibility equated to control.

An invitation

I invite you to be flexible, to allow things to change, to allow things to flow. We have all been broadsided with change recently due to world events.  Allowing yourself to be flexible, allowing the energy to flow where it needs to go, allows you to get more done in the in the long run.

Schedule success.  Making a Get to do List will help
Keep a schedule. Make a list of get to do’s. Get things done.
Again, flexibility equates to control.

Find flexibility by scheduling things – then tracking what you actually do. This helps show how much time is needed for specific tasks.  And then allow forgiveness…. when something comes up, do what’s most important… and if something needs to be rescheduled just remember to reschedule it!

I encourage you to remain flexible in these challenging and changing times, and if you have a comment on something that you would like me to talk about, go ahead and place it in the comments.  I hope you have an amazing day, a wonderful week and continue to accelerate success.

Interested in learning more about being flexible and how it can work with your business and life? Let’s discuss one item you would like to be more flexible with in your life or business. 

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