Business Accelerator

Jump Starting the Success of Big Ideas


Time to kick the tires and take the idea around the block. This 3-hour accelerator will help design an action plan and kick-start it with development of an initial working plan.


Take an extended test-drive of the project and learn about four focus areas of the project during this 6-hour accelerator. Evaluate ideas, develop actions and take initial steps towards success.


Start your project and get it into overdrive quickly with this 12-hour accelerator. This intensive will evaluate ideas, expose blond-spots, create flow and deliver a working plan.

Business Accelerator - Highlights

By taking a look at a project with a business strategist, you will gain unique insights to the nuts and bolts of the project. You will listen better to the feedback, see how day to day activities influence overall progress, and understand project flow - ultimately accelerating the project a success.

Let's turn the keys and make One Day into Day One by getting started today.

Nuts & Bolts of an Accelerator

Who is Krista Crotty -
Business Crew Chief?

From a young age, Krista has been helping solve problems and able to give unique perspectives.  Throughout her career in technology, sales and consulting, she found a passion and purpose in helping business professionals succeed.  

Krista’s unique experiences in technology and motorsports have prepared her to look at details as well as the larger picture – exposing the blind-spots many other miss.  She loves developing projects which are a passion of the client – and turning that passion into purpose and profits – her original version of PPP.

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Krista Crotty - Business Crew Chief

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Today is the day you begin accelerating success – taking the first steps on the big idea and moving from one day to “Day One” of success.


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